Christmas trip with Schönborner

On 03.12.2019 the employees and the management had a successful Christmas trip.
One of our colleagues even wrote a short recession about the quite successful trip:

Works outing – Christmas 2019 Schoenborner Armaturen GmbH

When someone goes on a trip, he can tell a story.
So we want to report on our eventful company outing at Christmas time on Tuesday, 03.12.2019. With beautiful weather, punctual coach and with much anticipation of the employees, we set off early at 09:00 o’clock to the brewery “Radeberger” in Radeberg. At first our ears were pricked up here. While we were guided through the brewery by a very friendly and eloquent employee of the brewery, we listened to the interesting and informative words, which were about the history of the company and the brewing of beer. Afterwards we were rewarded by tasting different beers and satisfying our hunger with rolls made from mitre scraps. In the course of the tasting, we were shown a film to demonstrate what we had just experienced.
After the guided tour through the brewery, there was some more information about the topic “job bike / company bike”. The aim of the initiative is to see cycling in our professional as well as private everyday life, as a piece of sports equipment and as a positive factor for health as well as a central contribution to environmental and climate protection. The bicycle stands for sustainability – sustainability that we also pass on with the products we manufacture. The services offered to us by the state and the company in this regard give us the opportunity to purchase appropriate bikes at no cost. Mr. John explained to us the system and its use, which we can apply for us and our family members.
Our journey now continued to Dresden for lunch in the Altmarktkeller. The good plain cooking of the house could satisfy all tastes with roast duck, roulades and hamburgers. We were able to quench the thirst that was aroused in Radeberg with a wide variety of drinks, most of which were produced locally. In a comfortable atmosphere we could exchange our experiences of the year and prepare for the day ahead.
But now the Christmassy part of the event should also gain the upper hand. Everyone was given some time to explore the Christmas events in Dresden. Whether alone or in a small group, exploring the surroundings of the Frauenkirche, taking a walk through the old town or enjoying the pre-Christmas atmosphere at the medieval Christmas market in the Stallhof. With Christmas music and atmosphere one could enjoy one or the other glass of mulled wine or punch there.
To round off the evening, we met at the Kulturpalast to visit the cabaret Herkuleskeulekeule and marvelled at all (almost all) the wonderful show “Hüttenkäse”. What the three drop-outs on the Way of St. James, who had been locked in a hut because of bad weather, without WLAN and mobile phone reception, experienced often made us look into our own past or even digress a little on what was happening at the moment.

Done, but happy, we started our journey home by bus.

We thank all participants and the organizers for this eventful, very nice day!