The European Social Fund

The European Social Fund (ESF) is Europe’s most important instrument for promoting employment. It promotes equal opportunities in the labour market, helps people access better jobs, and supports vocational training and qualifications.

The State of Brandenburg

In the state of Brandenburg, the ESF funding programmes in the 2014-2020 funding period are aimed at improving employment opportunities and promoting education, securing skilled workers and integration into work. It supports companies and employees in gaining qualifications and securing skilled labour.
For more information, visit the ESF website of the MASGF and the EU Commission.


Projects promoted with us

The strong competition in our market segment is not only fought out through prices, but also through new and further developments, which result from the company’s ability to innovate. It is therefore our aim to offer the customer products that have been further developed under technical and ecological aspects. This can only be achieved with an effective and optimal production structure.

Participation in the “IFAT Munich 2018” trade fair

The IFAT Munich trade fair is the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. More than 3,000 exhibitors present a wide range of product ranges, functional and performance scopes as well as specially adapted technologies at IFAT Munich.

The best prerequisite for this is the new stand design. This is our first participation and therefore we want to set clear accents at the fair. The motto of the current fair is: “Innovation through Industry 4.0”. The aim is to present ourselves at the fair as a manufacturer of accessories for the municipal gas, water and wastewater industry, part of our large product range and our competence centre for product configuration.

Employment of innovation assistants

Funded by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family from the European Social Fund to improve employment opportunities and promote education, skills development and integration into work. The ESF invests in people. It supports companies and employees in gaining qualifications and securing skilled labour.

Special innovation assistants were appointed for the further implementation of our overall concept for the introduction of innovative technologies in all areas of our company. The work of the innovation assistants is intended to enable the company to offer customers products that base their marketability on an innovative corporate structure and culture.

Qualification of a quality management specialist/quality management representative

With the aim of being able to deliver high-quality products, we have decided to qualify a quality management specialist/quality management representative. This qualification is supported by ESF funds.