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But if the pipe now has a hole

Read more about the award-winning innovation of the Schönborner in the autumn 2022 issue of Lausitz Magazin.

Together with the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, a test bench was developed with which actuating elements can be developed for the optimal transmission of sound waves.

Schönborner Armaturen GmbH will be awarded the Brandenburg Innovation Prize in the Metal Cluster in 2022

In  issue 10/2022, the bbr magazine reports on the innovation prize awarded to Schönborner Armaturen GmbH by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the State of Brandenburg and by the Innovation Cluster “Drinking Water”, the establishment of which was approved by the Brandenburg Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Der Wassermeister Ausgabe 03/2022

Product configurators for network operators 

Under this title, DER WASSERMEISTER published in its issue 03/2022 how the “pipe cover configurator”, which is intended for use in the field of municipal gas, water and wastewater management, can be used to determine the effective length of the installation set depending on the fitting used.

A PET system for network operators

In its summer 2022 issue, Lausitz Magazin reports on a PET system for network operators that Schönborner Armaturen is planning. An innovation that enables more sustainability and is already attracting international attention. Read  more about it here.

Schoenborner – the think tank

The Lusatian university magazine lauter.campus reported in its issue 1/2022 how business and science go hand in hand at Schoenborner and thus create great opportunities for students.

On the trail of plastic recycling

On  29.04.2022, the Lausitzer Rundschau reports on the future research project of the Schoenborner, which deals with the recycling of natural fiber-reinforced plastics and their recycling. This not only minimizes waste, but will also create jobs in the region in the future.

Schoenborner supports major projects in Azerbaijan

The Westniederlausitzer Wasserzeitung reports on Thomas Ebert’s business trip to Azerbaijan and the resulting future tasks for Schönborner Armaturen GmbH to support the development of sustainable water and wastewater management in Azerbaijan.

Green Future

The IHK business magazine FORUM (1-2/22) reports on how Schönborner Armaturen GmbH is paving the way for a greener future for municipal network operators and on Mr. Ebert’s entrepreneurial trip to Azerbaijan, his impressions and future plans.

Sustainable fiber composite potentials in municipal gas, water and wastewater management

In the autumn 2021 issue, the magazine “Lausitz Magazin” reported in detail on innovations at Schönborner Armaturen GmbH for municipal gas, water and wastewater management. Read how Schönborner Armaturen GmbH, together with the Frauenhofer Institute IAP from Wildau and the municipal network operators, want to start into a greener future.

The hybrid clutch system

The bbr magazine  reported in the November issue (11/21) on the hybrid coupling system, consisting of a zinc insert, overmolded with glass or balsalt fiber reinforced plastic.


The partnership WAV and Schönborner Armaturen GmbH

The “Westniederlausitzer Wasser Zeitung”  of the Water and Wastewater Association of West Lower Lusatia reported in the July/21 issue how both companies will benefit from the future cooperation.


For the second time, Schönborner Armaturen GmbH is the “innovation leader”

On 17 June 2021, the Lausitzer Rundschau will report on why Schönborner Armaturen GmbH is so innovative.


Schönborner Armaturen GmbH on many important construction projects in the city of Finsterwalde

In the March 2020 issue of the Stadtwerke Zeitung,  Stadtwerke Finsterwalde reports how important the close cooperation with Schönborner Armaturen GmbH is to them.

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